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Get to Know RevTwo

RevTwo is a pioneer company offering support for mobile or Internet of Things applications. Their brand name is layered and comes from two words, revision - which is another word for GENERATION and two - which in this case symbolizes a new iteration of something, the NEXT version. This alludes to RevTwo providing the next generation of support in a world where Internet of Things is becoming an increasingly growing topic. IoT is affecting our lives and the way we operate on a daily basis. Revtwo combines remote access and support which scales to IoT levels.

The Challenge

Develop a service which would provide communication and remote access to Linux OS or container

The Solution

We used C++ to develop a complex agent service with an SDK allowing the application to collect data. We ensured communication would happen in realtime and agent was always online and ready to respond by using PubNub's realtime push/subscribe messaging API and their network currently serving over 300 million devices and streaming more than 750 billion messages per month. We used WebRTC to handle the session and data transfer, which ensures a fast peer-to-peer connection. This approach was very elegant and it secured key product strengths: reliability, high speed and responsiveness.

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