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Get to Know Autism Together

In 1968 a group of parents established The Wirral Society for Autistic Children, which was the forerunner for our organization today. Autism Together has grown from providing support to people with autism, to providing a wide range of living options, day services and community support to people all over the UK. Autism Together campaigns on behalf of all individuals affected by autism, they encourage all supporters to get involved with fundraising and volunteering. They offer comprehensive training and job development for all their employees.

The Challenge

Autism Together hired us along with another researcher abroad to develop a system which would track and comprehend all the data they record while monitoring individuals with autism. We had to investigate all the data they capture, video feeds, and data collected by third party applications.

The Solution

We have built a complete application using Angular on frontend and Python on backend side. We developed a full API to handle file upload (video and various data spreadsheets), and also integrated S3 into the app so that files can be downloaded directly from S3 bucket. We gave the client ability to create presentations of data, where they can select which data they want to display on the presentation from all available data. A post-processing filter was added to the tool to validate and differentiate between usable and non-usable data. Video data was displayed in a video player while sensory data was shown on a chart next to the video. Chart was linked to the video so that selecting a point on chart would forward video to that same point in time.

Recent Case Studies